You understand content marketing really works, but now take it to the next level…

You’ve been writing tons of blog posts, ebooks, and other valuable, informative content for your prospective customers.

Visitors come, they find your material in search results, in their social media feeds, and they browse through it. Their next move doesn’t always go the way you want it. They may not bite the bait and fill in that form to become a lead right then and there. It’s not only because they’re not considering your message. It could be many other factors that lost you that lead — so how do you regain those visitors who left your site?

With remarketing, you can connect with individuals who have shown an interest in your services or product by paying a visit to your site, and display to them related ads across the Google Display Network. It’s a highly effective way to match the right people with the right message.

Contextual Targeting

Show ads on sites related to your keywords                                                                                                                                        Contextual Advertising

Keyword Contextual Targeting generates pertinent messages to customers based on the type of content they go through. You can connect with interested consumers at the precise minute they’re proactively participated in extremely relevant content throughout the entire Google Display Network.

Placement Targeting

Show ads on specific websites that you choose

placement adsDo you actually know which websites your consumers visit? Placement targeting lets you put your message on specifically those sites– and on videos, RSS feeds, and mobile sites, too.

Pick a whole site or just the certain pages where you want your ad to show up. Or use placement and contextual targeting together: If you sell seeds for planting, you can choose a website about gardening and after that use Google contextual targeting to automatically find the pages on that website that discuss tulips. The decision and the power is yours.


Interest Categories

Show ads based on user interests


Shoe ads for shoe lovers, that’s the easy goal of the interest categories. This kind of audience targeting lets you target individuals whose online activity display a mutual interest, like travel, or shopping. You can then show them specific ads whenever they are online.


Topic Targeting

Show ads on pages about specific subjects

Topic targeting works by what sites the customers were on instead of what audience. Choose a topic like shopping, entertainment, or fitness, and Google will display your ads on groups of good sites related to that topic.

Geographic and Language Targeting

Show ads where your customers are located

Geographic and language targeting allows you to show your ads by language, region, or even postal code. If your opening up a restaurant in Las Vegas, you can generate a grand opening ad to show in the local area only. Geo-targeting is also a great way for international merchants to display different ad campaigns all over the country.

Demographic Targeting

Show ads to users based on their age and gender                                                                                                                  demographic-targeting

The normal individual is usually in a specific age range or gender. You can use this kind of advertising to show ads to age specific individuals who may be interested in your business or product. If you think that the product your offering i for older individuals then you can exclude the age range of 18-25 and focus your budget on your best customers.

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Here is a video explaining in more detail about Google Display Network.

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