Do you want to have more traffic coming to your website?

Easy enough, start an ad campaign using Google AdWords. It may look intimidating, but it really isn’t very difficult to start using. Even if you have little for a budget , the service is totally worth trying to see if you can generate traffic to your website.

Google’s set-up for AdWords may not be clear at first, so here’s the basic things to know: Your ads are split up into campaigns, each of which can have multiple Ad Groups in it. Each Ad Group can contain various keywords and several ads. Generally, except if your ad needs are very complex, it’s a great idea to keep the number of Ad Groups small for every Campaign at first. But, if you intend to run multiple ads to explore how different key phrases do, use multiple Ad Groups.

After you complete your ad, you need to set up a budget.

google adsense budgeThe budget for the campaign has two areas: The Bid and the overall Budget per a day. The Bid is how much you want to pay for one click of your ad. So, if you Bid 20 cents, then you will pay 20 cents every time someone clicks on your ad. But it can be risky, definitely, if your ad is popular, so Google offers you a means to cease the spending if things get outrageous. Budget per Day sets the highest you’re prepared to spend on 24 hours of ads. After you get enough clicks to hit that level, Google no longer features your ad until the next day. In this instance, if you set your budget at $1, your ad will stop displaying after five clicks.

These figures are directly associated and greatly dependent on your business, so think about them very carefully. Start with your budget. It’s simpler to think about this number monthly or even yearly. Just do the math. If you have $1500 a year to spend on AdWords, your daily budget should be about $4.11.

Keep in mind that AdWords actually is more of an auction than a retail store.

When you bid for keywords, you’re doing precisely that. Other businesses will be bidding for the same keywords, and Google identifies how they are displayed based upon who is paying the most. google keyword biddingBidding a lot to become top dog will require bids of well over a dollar most of the times. Typically, you’ll be consigned to lower-performing spots or your ad won’t show whatsoever– at least not until the top advertisers ‘ daily budgets have expired.

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