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Keter Wellness


Find Keter Wellness on Amazon.com

Keter Wellness is a complete end-to-end brand/product package fully completed by KKP Golden Connection. The brand started with a single product and has now expanded to three products.

Steps to Keter Wellness project:
1. Sourcing herbal supplement materials
2. Brand and Packaging
3. Online E-Commerce Website
4. Outsourced Product Manufacturing
5. Amazon.com listings
6. Customer Service and Email Marketing
7. Facebook and Google advertising
8. SEO Marketing and Content Syndication

This project has gone through many phases and enhancements over the years. KKP Golden Connection has used it’s own skills and resources to make Keter Wellness a successful brand. Today, Keter Wellness does over $20,000 in sales a month on Amazon alone!


“I don’t usually take time to write product reviews, but this time, I decided to say a few words: I have tried other cissus products, but I can honestly say that none were as effective as Cissus Pro 1000. I’ve had 2 shoulder surgeries & 5 knee surgeries, as well as other injuries. I have found that this product is rapidly improving my ROM & ability to do activities which I could not do a month ago.
The customer service is excellent & this company seems to have a genuine interest in their customers. If you are in the market for a cissus product, I highly recommend that you give this one a try! I think you will be glad you did.”
– 5 Star Amazon Review
Links to Amazon Products:


TruthPaste came to KKP Golden Connection for advice on bringing a new product to market.  They were familiar with KKP’s Keter Wellness project and wanted to get their toothpaste sales started on Amazon.com.

Pete works closely with TruthPaste doing web development as well as product design and development.

As of today, TruthPaste is on page one of Amazon.com for the term “natural toothpaste” with over 200 reviews and plenty of sales every day.



Wetsuit Outlet wanted a fresh, updated look to their website and they also wanted to start some serious SEO.  The entire E-Commerce site is on Big Commerce.  The first step was to set up the homepage and other non-commerce pages on WordPress with a fresh, new design.

The initial design is completed and the SEO is still an ongoing project with extremely competitive terms being ranked for.



Wild Little Fish


Wild Little Fish is a fishing company which provides fresh seafood to local farmers markets in Northern California.  Their model of sales was through email only, which was a bit outdated.  KKP came to the rescue.

The first step was to redesign the website on WordPress with a shopping cart (WooCommerce).  The next step was to customize the cart to only take orders and allow the customers to choose what market to pick up their seafood.

The project is a success as Wild Little Fish seamlessly takes many orders online every week.