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What Is SEO?

S= Search

This is the basis of any business, large or small.  The main question is, “Are people searching for you business, services, or products?

A typical online search begins with google.com.  The words people type into the Google search bar are called “keywords“.  Your business, brand, service, or product most likely falls under a very common keyword, such as “weight loss”.  Did you know that over 100k people are searching the term “weight loss” every month?

How many Google searches are keywords that fit your business getting?  There are many tools to use to find what keywords people are using to search to find businesses like yours.  A great place to start is Google Adwords free keyword planner.

E= Engine

The gears of the Google engine are constantly turning.  Google is perpetually searching for websites and webpages that are the most relevant for each and every searched term, or keyword.  The Google engine sends out its spies, we call

Google is perpetually searching for websites and webpages that are the most relevant for each and every searched term, or keyword.  The Google engine sends out its spies, we call bots, or spiders. These bots scroll through every single part of every single website/web page to determine where and what it ranks for in its vast search engine.

This engine runs an extremely sophisticated process that not one single person can completely define, however through valid testing there are some definite key factors that Google, and all other search engines, are looking for.

When the engine comes steaming through your website are you going to be ready with all systems in place to rank high in the searches?

O= Optimization

This is the answer to being able to rank high in Google for keywords relevant to your business, service, or product.

Optimization consists of many complex levels of implementation and fine-tuning.  There is on-page optimization that makes sure your web page content fulfills Google’s bots needs.  There is off-page optimization which includes a vast array of strategies including backlink building, social triggering, and much more.

The more optimized your website/web page is, the more likely Google is going to rank your website higher in its search engine in order to guide more people to your content.  The more we please Google, the more Google pleases us.

Search Engine Optimization is an extremely delicate, complex process that is a necessity for every online business, but needs to be done right.  SEO done wrong can actually damage your relationship with Google and your site may never be able to be found in Google again.  Hiring the right people for this job is very important.  KKP is a trusted, validated company with a long history of sucessful experience.


What is SEO?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking a website in the search engines for particular keywords.

KKP provides search engines services to clients of different niches and sizes.

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Let's Go Shopping...

The most important part of setting up your online shopping cart is setting it up right the first time.  You want to give your customers the best experience while interacting with your store and buying your products.  Starting off the right way will save you and your customers many headaches and lost orders.

Your e-commerce starts with your website, then can extend to other large online stores such as Amazon, Esty, and Google Shopping.  The more places your products are listed, the more exposure, and the more sales.

Web Development

At KKP, most of our Web Development is built on the WordPress platform.  Wordpress is an open source, extremely flexible platform with loads of plugins and themes to choose from.  Wordpress also allows for ideal SEO onsite/offsite building.

A Web Development project starts with your businesses ideal look and feel, then continues to extend to added functionalities such as email marketing and social sharing.  When all things are set in place we make sure your on-page SEO is all set, and then really get the engine going with offsite SEO.


Get Optimized

Did you ever land on a website that takes too long to load?  It drives you crazy, right? Well, it drives Google crazy too and your website, and business will suffer because of it.

There are many facets of your website that could be causing this.  Leave it to us to make sure your site is optimized and running smooth so that you can continue to see great results from traffic and conversions.

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Is SM Necessary?

Social media is not just playing on Facebook and Twitter.  All these platforms are vital to your business for a number of reasons.  The obvious reason being exposure.  If you are not seen across social media platforms, then no one is talking about you.

The next reason is “social signals”.  These are signals sent from these enormous social media platforms that can really boost your SEO.  Now imagine a piece of your content, from your website, going viral.  This marketing tactic alone has made the difference in some businesses from failing to total success.

Are You Mobile?

We could use of tons of space here showing you stats, but just take our word for it…MANY people are using their phones and tablets over their PC or Notebook.  If your site is not mobile-friendly you could be missing out on a major slice of the consumer pie.

Hint: Check your site for mobile-friendliness by shrinking your browser window.  Does everything shift to size properly tot he smaller window?  You can also just test your site on your phone.  Does your menu become a toggle?  Do all your images fit in the screen?

Important: As of early 2015, if your site is not adaptive for mobile and tablets, Google is watching, and they are not happy (meaning potential worse rankings in search engines).

Managing Your Blog...

Getting started with a blog can be as exciting as it is intimidation.  Blogging is something you know you should be doing, but where do you start?  What do you write about?

We’ll not only get you started in the right direction, but we’ll keep you on it by consistently checking in with you for great ideas.

Build Your List

Every year the most innovative, successful Internet Marketers gather for a convention to share what is working with online marketing.  Year in and year out the same answer prevails… email marketing.

Gathering your audiences email is the ultimate way to connect in a non-invasive, and potentially very profitable way.  If you are not building your list, you are losing out on a massive amount of potential sales.

KKP will not only show you how to set up a list building strategy, but will also offer ways to really make the most out of your list.


Keter Wellness


Keter Wellness is a complete end-to-end brand/product package fully completed by KKP Golden Connection.

Keter Wellness


TruthPaste came to KKP Golden Connection for advice on bringing a new product to market and has reached great success.

Wetsuit Outlet


Wetsuit Outlet wanted a fresh, updated look to their website, and they love it!

Little Fish Company


Wild Little Fish is a fishing company which provides fresh seafood to local farmers markets in Northern California.

Coolsculpting Near You


Coolsculpting Near You is an SEO project that is currently ranking page one for local searches.

Austria Hof


Austria Hof needed a fresh, updated look to their lodging website, plus the ability to check in.

SLT Cancer League


KKP supports the SLT Cancer League and as a donation helped create a great looking site that takes donations.

Wetsuit Outlet


A shopping cart and multiple tee shirt designs, KKP is on every step of this project.  A complete business package.

Lake Shore Lodge and Spa

TOC Business Marketing

A fresh, new look and a bit of SEO made TOC Consulting a happy business.

Coolsculpting Near You


Boog Star wanted a great look to showcase his popular work.

Deb Howard Real Estate


An IDX central site that was in need of some SEO for more search traffic.

Kat Hood SEO/SEM Expert

“Building an online business is more than just having a website.  There’s online marketing, SEO, SEM, Conversion Strategies, Design Element, Content Curation, & much more.  At KKP, we prepare you to manage your own website, build your business, and dominate your online presence. Your business, your needs, your success!”

Pete Currington
Web Designer & Marketing Strategy

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From humble beginnings, KKP began in the small city of South Lake Tahoe, nestled in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. It was around 2005 when a few local businesses heard a couple of Internet-savvy entrepreneurs were finding ways to put small business to the top of Google.

It wasn’t long after KKP had more local businesses contacting them for services ranging from website redesigns to long term SEO services.  With each new project came new challenges that were taken head on.  Over these years, KKP has developed a vast, intricate set of tools to develop and deploy complete online marketing strategies for businesses large and small.

Today, KKP has extended its reach throughout the entire Sierra Nevadas ranging from Reno, Nevada all the way to Grass Valley, CA.  Through word of mouth, they have built relationships with businesses from every part of the USA.

With a proven track record for getting positive results in traffic and conversions for many businesses, KKP is now a trusted name in the Web and SEO world.

Pete Currington

Pete Currington

Web Design & Marketing Strategy

Meet Pete.

Pete lives in Grass Valley, CA where he is raising a newborn.  After living in Thailand as a high school IT teacher, Pete decided to return to California to focus solely on KKP projects.

Pete is a WordPress Web Design expert who has pretty much done every type of online project you could think of.  From logo design to complete web project deployment, there’s no project too big or too small.

Pete also has a very strong marketing sense which is an asset to KKP.  Sales funnels and website conversions are some of Pete’s strategies to turn stale online businesses into real money makers.

An SEO Company with
Results that Work

Kat Hood

Kat Hood

SEO/SEM Expert

Meet Kat.

Kat lives in South Lake Tahoe, CA where she raises two awesome boys who enjoy all the mountain sports, summer and winter.  Kat also keeps busy with martial arts and is currently training for her black belt.

Kat has an extensive background in SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).  For over 10 years, Kat has managed to keep up with Google’s crazy, ever-changing algorithms and has kept KKP clients on page one.

A true master of her domain, Kat has an arsenal of knowledge, tools and skills to take on any SEO/SEM task, large or small.


Our mission at KKP is to help businesses, large and small, with online traffic and conversions.  By extending our knowledge and expertise, we are able to assess each individual business needs and goals and put them into a realistic online campaign.  We aim to please our clients with front end web marketing designs that impress both business owners and their clients, and back-end web marketing systems that get businesses more web exposure.

The end goal is to create a positive relationship with our clients that results in long-term success.

In the end, KKP has no intention of owning any part of your business, including your website.  We intend to put the power of your online marketing campaigns in your hands and offer support along the way.

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KKP Golden Connection
2298 Idaho Ave
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

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